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Photograph of the studio space at Wellcome Collection showing a group of young people working at a central table, which is covered in drawing and design material.

What you’ll do

Your students will experience an artist-led session based on our two architecture exhibitions. They will research, sketch and be guided by the artist to connect with the art, photography and architectural themes on display. In the afternoon your group will do 3D making sessions inspired by high-rise buildings.

Who can come

We have developed this study day for groups of students aged 14 to 19. The session will be adapted to the level of your students and is suited to Year 9, GCSE or A-level groups. You can bring 10 to 20 students, accompanied by staff at a ratio of 1:10.

Due to the small scale of our free programme, we take bookings exclusively from schools in the Greater London area until Monday 10 December; after that all schools and colleges are welcome to get in touch.

About your artist

Photograph of Elaine Duigenan

Elaine Duigenan

Elaine Duigenan is a multi-award-winning photographic artist represented by Klompching Gallery in New York. She has work in national collections such as the V&A, and in 2009 her work was flown to the International Space Station on Shuttle Atlantis.